What’s the fastest way to slow global warming?
Bill Nye has the answer.

We asked Bill Nye The Science Guy to create a quick, easy-to-understand lesson on the fastest way to slow global warming: cutting methane emissions. 

Watch him explain in his funny, smart, science-guy way what methane is, where it comes from, how it supercharges climate change and what we can do about it. And keep reading for how you can get involved to help combat this potent greenhouse gas.

5 facts Bill Nye wants you to know about methane

  1. Methane, also known as natural gas, is responsible for more than a quarter of the global warming we’re experiencing right now.
  2. Methane has 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide 20 years after it’s emitted.
  3. Methane traps a lot of heat in the short term, which speeds up warming.
  4. Because methane traps a lot of heat in the short term, reducing methane emissions means we can make a lot of progress for the climate in the short term, too.
  5. One of the quickest ways to reduce methane emissions is by tackling leaks from oil and gas pipes used in fossil fuel production.
MethaneSAT, a satellite that will measure and map methane pollution worldwide

You can slow global warming with MethaneSAT right now. Here’s how.


Help fund MethaneSAT to speed up cuts in methane pollution worldwide, at this critical moment in the climate fight. You’ll be helping companies and governments make the drastic cuts needed.