Indian countryside with mountains on a mostly sunny day

India has the potential to modernize its economy and increase prosperity while securing both people’s health and the climate.

We work with local organizations in India to demonstrate sustainable livelihoods in agriculture, livestock and fisheries. We also establish shareholder value opportunity through responsible business, the potential of carbon markets and the promise of climate technology in India.*

By avoiding the pitfalls that have come with economic growth elsewhere, India’s efforts will serve as a beacon to the rest of the world.


*Environmental Defense India Foundation (EDIF) is an independent, non-profit, tax-exempt legal entity established under Section 8 of the India Companies Act, 2013, is headquartered in Delhi, and operates charitable activities exclusively within India. Though EDIF may collaborate through knowledge exchange with Environmental Defense Fund, Inc. (EDF), a US entity, EDIF and its activities in India are separate and independent from EDF and any engagement by EDF with local India entities. Each collaborates separately with local NGO’s, universities, corporates and others in India to support and advance their local ambitions and efforts toward a shared, sustainable prosperity in India. The scientific data, economic models and other expertise and advice from either are intended to support these Indian organizations’ commitments to demonstrate the viability of sustainable livelihoods in agriculture, livestock and fisheries, the shareholder value in responsible business practices, the power of market-based mechanisms (e.g., carbon markets), and the promise of climate tech in India.

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Where we work

We deliver bold, game-changing climate solutions in China, Europe, India and the U.S., and work in over 30 countries around the globe.